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1. What is a proactive approach to the problem of crime?

2. Which goal of sentencing focuses on separating officers from society to reduce opportunities for further criminality.

a. Incapacitation. b, deterrence. c. retribution. d. rehabilitation

3. Victim restitution is a key element of the restorative justice model. True/False?

4. Administration, training, and budgeting are all examples of line operations. True/False?

5. The preliminary investigation is carried out by trained crime investigators. True/False?

6. Women today are employed in policing in numbers approaching their representation in the population. True/False?

7. compare and contrast James Q Wilson’s 3 policing styles. Discuss the pros and cons of each style.

8. Discuss some of the arguments for and against the privatization of prisons. Explain your opinion and support it with facts or examples.

9. What laws require a close correspondence between the sentence imposed by a judge and the time the offender actually spends in prison.

10.. What impact did the Ashurst -sumners Act have on prisoners.

a. It placed a moratorium on free market prison industries. b. It limited the use of “good time” credits . c. It expanded the use of intermediate sentencing. d. it increased the problem of prison overcrowding.

11. What intelligence provides information to decision makers about the changing nature of threats of terrorism or crime?

12. During what era were large numbers of offenders incarcerated in an attempt to protect society and prevent crime , but rehabilitation was essentially abandoned,.

13. Which of the following do not an advantage of fines as a serious alternative.

a. Fines are inexpensive to monitor. b. fines can be made proportionate to the seriousness of the offense . c. fines can reduce the stress placed on state resources by the us of incarceration. d. fines reduce recidivism through incarceration/

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