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Part 1: Refer to the following video link and ppt for this part


Please respond the following questions—-

1) What is the role of race in relation to the pressures and aspirations that the young man in the video’s parents have for him?

2) Social Scientists, including Geographers, Sociologists and Psychologists, often study the phenomenon Micro-Aggressions (the slights and minor indignities that members of stigmatized groups, including people of color, often experience in everyday life). Can you find examples of of racial micro-aggressions in the video?

3) The term code-switching has been used to describe differences in the way that many ethnic minorities must act in different settings. Give 2 examples of code-switching as Idris Brewster engages in it?

Also, Provide a thoughtful question on the video and topic (ppt).

Part 2:

1. This part should take the structure of a 3-2-1.

A 3-2-1 means 3 new things you learned in this chapter (ppt), 2 ways that they are connected to other ideas in the text (or one and only one can be related to something you learned in another place or from current events) and 1 question. For this Minimum 250 words and in complete sentences.

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