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Religious/Spiritual Outside Assignment Instructions






1)  3-4 pages double-spaced


2) based solely on your personal participant observation (people/behaviors/things/environment) of a meeting/service/event PLUS an interview with a practitioner of that religion/spiritual practice–this is a field report, NOT AN ESSAY, and requires no outside research on your part…


3) not a critique or a comparative study


4) attach printed documentation or photo of you in front or inside the location (if documentation is not available)


5) must be a religion on the list (or another one pre-approved by me)


6) must not be a religion you grew up in, have been in close proximity to, or are currently a practitioner of


7) call before you show up–arrive at the right time/sit in the back for the best view


8) introduce yourself as an CSUF anthropology student


9) interview results should be incorporated (paraphrased) into your paper, not in a Q/A format (unless it’s something very unique that you want to quote).


10) suggested questions handout are guidelines only—you’re not required to ask these questions, but you should ask #A, the most important question


11) your paper should consist of roughly half participant observation results and half interview results


12) should be written in first person past tense (“I went into the church” instead of “You go into the church”)




1) If there is a belief system of special interest to you that is not on this list, you must have it pre-approved by me.


(2) You cannot choose one that you grew up in or are currently a part of.


(3) Make sure you contact your destination beforehand to make sure about the start time of the service and if there is any dress code.


(4) Locations in parentheses are for those belief systems which may have only one location in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.









B. Native American Religions–American Indian Bible Church (South Gate




            b. age, social status, economic background, previous religious belief


                and training, number of followers, etc.


       4) name, address, etc. of group and contacts










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