financial forecast model 2

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    Check out Luckin’s business model (China) and imagine opening coffee shops like this business model in Manhattan.

    The name of the new coffee shop is “Smart Coffee”, please read the uploaded class file then finish following questions.

  1. List out your Value Proposition + Beachhead Market + End-User Profile at the top of the Word document. (already in document)
  2. Build your financial forecast model for your startup’s marketing plan and return calculations in Excel per example shown below. Make sure you have every possible assumption accounted for in your Assumptions sheet as well as our Forecast sheet. Format the spreadsheet to look professional as this will eventually be shown on your final powerpoint presentation.(uploaded an example of excel, Please complete the same as the example) we could imagine to open 5 stores in manhattan firstly, each store with 2 staffs.
  3. Copy and paste your spreadsheet model into the Word document as picture or PDF format. Then document and footnote the source of every assumption you make so that it is clear for (mostly) you and equally me to track your thought process and calculations.

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