5 pages double spaced 20

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Healthcare(The effects of medicaid expansion under the Affordable Healthcare Act)

During the first class, each student will pick one topic to write critically about during the semester. You will visit two think tanks, one more liberal and one more conservative. Be explicit about the think tanks you researched. Using the topic you want to explore, you will research both think tanks and discuss what they say about the issue. Then using class readings, you will analyze research done by both think tanks and compare and contrast the ideas presented by these think tanks. You will write five pages-doubled space paper based on your analysis.

Hi, I need 5 pages total not including a cover page. It has to be in APA style and i need at least 3 citations, you can pick the links I attached



Health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act—a progress reportRacial and ethnic disparities in health care access and utilization under the Affordable Care Act
The affordable care act at 5 years
The dynamics of health care opinion, 2008–2010: Partisanship, self-interest, and racial resentment

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