MKT: marketing research for wishbone, the world’s smallest smart thermometer

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Conduct primary marketing research for the customer acceptance of a new product that has not been marketed to Singapore in the form of a questionnaire survey comprised of 15 to 20 items. You are required to submit a formal report for this assignment.


The new product is wishbone, a contactless mobile thermometer


Format of paper must follow:


1. Corporate and Product Profile


2. Research Objective


3. Research Methodology

3.1 Research Design (MUST include fishbone diagram)

3.2 Questionaire Design (please use template as attached)

3.3 Sampling Plan (method, unit and size)

3.4 Methods of Data Collection and Analysis

3.5 Limitations


4 Findings and Analysis (MUST include SPSS tables and charts)

4.1 Univariate Statistical Analysis (Must include)

4.2 Bivariate Statistical Analysis (optional)


5. Recommendations

5.1 Marketing Recommendations

5.2 Further Research Opportunities – address limitations


References (minimum 7)


The aim of the main assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and application of the concepts and models taught in the module.  The work submitted must make reference to appropriate literature considered within the module. Students are also expected to demonstrate their competence in the following areas:

·       Knowledge and application of key concepts,

·       Critical analysis and level of argument,

·       Extent of reading and references used,

·       Structure and presentation of the submission, writing style, appropriate citations and referencing. 



·       Word limit: 2000 words.

·       Referencing: A minimum of 7 references must be used, acknowledged and cited in the Harvard referencing style.

·       Formatting: The assignment should be typed using 12 font size, Times New Roman font style, 1.5 line spacing and double-side printed.


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