IT Project Management Verivication/Validation/KPI’s/CSF’s

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Ineed this in 2 1/2 hrs


1. Planning and executing verification and validation (Focused Discussion) 200 words

V and V processes are critical to any kind of IT project.  Validation has links with international standards too. Please summarise any of your experience here.


need at least 2 references 




2. Discussion: The role of KPIs (Focused Discussion) 

CSFs and KPI’s, please draw up a table of CSFs and related KPIs so that the CSFs and KPIs could have one-to -one  (and even  one -to many relationships, alternatively ERDs would look good too!).


Explain also the two (CFS’s & KPI’s


References are to be provided in the answers this adds value to the discussion/paper eg.The project did meets its enrollment targets and was a major political success (O’Brochta and Finch 2011) for the president in addition to having many previously uninsured persons insured for the very first time.


need at least 2 references 

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