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individual Essay

  • An individual paper of 700-1,000 words by responding to the provided question (double space)
  • Grading is evaluated by the student’s ability to

1) Explaining the scene from the story that appeared in the question

2) Create connection to the overall story

3) Make connection on the story’s decision in the scene with the culture of South Asia.

ESSAY 1: Choose one from the following topics

  • Discuss what you have learned about the status of woman in Hindu culture from Ramayana and how it is in today’s India?
  • From Ramayana, please discuss about how the story relates with Indian History,

Belief, Social status – Hierarchy) please provide connection to the story.

  • Dhama is one of the important practices in Hinduism, discuss about the practices of Dhama in any character in Ramayana (at least 2 characters)?
  • Rama is the main character of the story and an avatar of Lord Vishnu. In your opinion, please evaluate his decision making based on (1) as a King and Lord of Dharma(2) as a human and a husband. Are you agreed with his decision and why? If not, please explain why you are not disagree with him.

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