communicating nonverbally

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1.Communicating Nonverbally: Locate an article on the Internet or on one of your library’s databases that gives useful suggestions for ensuring that your nonverbal behavior makes a favorable impression. (Include Article)

2.Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Behaviors: Choose a specific country, such as Argentina, Germany, India, or Thailand. Conduct internet research to find out more about the nonverbal behaviors of which a person doing business in that country should be aware and then summarize what you have learned. (Include Article)

3.Maximizing the Effectiveness of Virtual Teams: Consider the significance of this statement “Certain personality types are more likely to thrive in the virtual team experience.” Develop a list of at least 5 personality attributes that would enable a person to work effectively as part of a virtual team. In a short written or oral report, share your list, justifying your selections with facts and references.

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