history research essay about a community 1

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1200 word minimum

4 sources minimum; 2 non-internet

Select a community (city, town, village, county, neighborhood, district) within the present-day United states and any decade through 1865 that interest you. Describe that place and the way people lived there during that time. Some topic you may want to adress include:

What was the climate and physical environment like?

Was the location urban, rural, a small town or village, or wilderness?

What were the main economical activities?

What kind of people lived there?

How did they lived?

How did they perceive or relate to major issues at the time?

How did the community relate ( economically, transportation-wise, or culturally) to the surrounding area and the “outside world”.

Who were some of the prominent individuals in the vicinity (community leaders, first settlers, well-known “characters, etc.)?

Did the community change substantially in the decade you studied? If so, how?

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