History of Jazz

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Please answer the following questions:

Jazz through the era quiz 1

In 100 words or less, share either your favorite performer, style, or era as represented in the video.

Include why.

Quiz 2

All of the questions for this assignment are based on “Hotter Than That”, provided in your MUS 3625 Module


1.What is the name of this group and who is the leader?

2.What instruments do you hear?

3.How would you describe the tempo of this performance?

4.What style of early jazz or early jazz influence is this recording most like and why do you believe so? (hint, think along the lines of the styles we have discussed such as blues, spirituals, dixieland, work songs, ragtime, etc)

5.To you, what is the most interesting part of the recording and why?

Short answer:

Jazz music is uniquely American and could have only developed in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. What was it about the United States at that time that fostered the creation of this music? Be sure to include the following:

Important places

Important people

The social and political climate of the time

Your answer should use full sentences and paragraphs.

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