History Assignment

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Assignment 1:

It has been said, especially about the Renaissance, that many characters laid the eggs that the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment hatched.

For instance, even though Petrarch started Humanism, it changed and became more popular under Erasmus, who has been said to have laid the egg that ___ hatched.

Your job is to research who laid & who hatched.

See the attached table. I have provided hints as the initials of the person’s name. You must fill in the name.

Provide any applicable sources.

Assignment 2:

Please pay attention to the hints below the table. The letters in ( ) are the first letter of the heresy.

JW and the L is the hardest. I recommend that you look for the L first, in wikipedia or the Catholic Encyclopedia, as it is not an eponymously named group.

Assignment 3:

There are about 22 explorers, from H the N of P and Columbus on. Fill in the attached table.

Pay attention to what I am looking for:

  • 21 minimum
  • from around 1400 until 1650 only
    • NOT 19th or 20th C. ppl.
    • You should include
      • Henry the Navigator and
      • Columbus.
    • Marco Polo is too early, so don’t include him.
  • Europeans from this time period only
    • No Mongols
    • No Chinese
    • No Muslims
    • No Americans

Minimum of 3 different sources.

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