Health Care

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Select the profession of medicine, an alternative profession, or a mainstream profession of your own
preference. (If you choose a profession that is not in the textbook, you must provide proof that the profession that you
have chosen falls under one of the above mentioned categories).

 Research past and current practices that have taken
place as they relate to issues with bioethics and discuss the following issues:
 • Have there been any reports of unethical practices within the profession recently?(Select and discuss only one).
 • Were there any past incidents of unethical practices? (Select and discuss only one).
  • Are issues of bioethics addressed in the guidelines of their governing bodies and/or associations? (American
Medical Association, American Nurses Association, etc.).
If so, what are they? What are the consequences of
violating the guidelines?
• What recommendations would you make to the professional governing body for this profession to both maintain
and improve the standards of ethical practice in this profession?
Your paper should be at least three pages, with supporting facts, citations, and references in APA format.

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