Hazardous Materials Management management assignment help

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You will need to submit research paper topic for approval by no later than the end of third week. You have considerable freedom in choosing a topic, with the exception of the topic must apply directly to this class. The requirement is that you choose a topic that requires academic research not business research and that you submit both your paper topic (which should not contain question) and a full paragraph statement, that statement must contain a research question to be answered or a hypothesis to be tested. Most “why” questions focus more on workplace related issues and business not academic or scholarly research so they seldom are acceptable questions for scholarly research.

Course title and what it is about below!

TLMT/381 Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management (This course will cover the requirements and regulations associated with packaging, handling, storage, transport, and incident response at the operational level for all forms of Hazardous Material. The emphasis will be on the federal regulations and their often-competing goals and contradictory provisions.) is it possible that you can chose a topic pertaining to this course subject area? Please advise.

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