Graduate level-annotated bibliography

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Regional Trade Agreements versus Global Trade Liberalization

In the globalizing economy of the late 20th and early 21st
century liberalized trade has been sought by way of regional trade agreements
and broader global trade liberalization. The policy choice between these two
approaches has created debates among economists and politicians concerning
which is a better strategy for various countries and for the global economy as
a whole, and whether the two approaches are complimentary or contradictory.

Using EBSCOhost, the Web, and/or other sources of scholarly
literature, begin your research into regional trade agreements versus global
trade liberalization by locating professional and academic journals and select
current research articles published within the last five years on the topic.

Create an annotated bibliography from your research with a
minimum of eight (8) well-written APA-formatted entries.

Then using the resources from the bibliography, develop a TWO OR THREE-PAGE
summarizing and contrasting the main arguments on both sides of the

Your well-written paper must meet the following

•Use academic writing style, clear and concise language, and
well-constructed paragraphs (minimum of three sentences required to develop a

•Ensure graduate APA formatting standards

•Include the annotated bibliography following the body of
the paper

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