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Examine the U.S. Government’s support during the Great Depression for programs,
such as the Federal Arts Project, the Federal Writers’ Project, and other such
efforts. Determine whether or not such projects were good government investments
during those hard times, and provide two (2) examples that support your
viewpoint. Determine in what ways the U.S. government currently tries to support
the arts



Respond to the following statement:

During the Depression in the 1930’s
evolved one of the most extensive and influential art projects, and really the
appreciation of art.  During the Depression the Federal Arts Program employed
artists and paid them for creating works.  The government hired 3.749 artists in
the first four months on 1934 and these artists produced 15,663 paintings,
murals, prints, crafts and sculptures.  This was significant because during this
time so many people were out of work and looking for anything to get them by, by
offering artists jobs through the paper and interviews the government created
many jobs and made life easier for thousands of families.  Although this wasn’t
the ‘typical’ job at this time the government help these artists to the same
standards that production workers were held to, they were graded on their work
and paid based on their level of work.  The Federal Writers’ Project was
established in 1935 as part of the New Deal struggle against the Great
Depression.  The Federal Writers Project employed writers, editors and research
workers.  The Federal Writers Project had employees in every state and employed
6, 600 men and women.  This is another government-funded program that took
people in and hired them for their strengths, and gave them a job during a
period where jobs were extremely hard to find.  Not only were these writers a
big help for the government to make guides for every state, they helped many
families to get some relief, and get away from the factory jobs that not
everyone could do.  The U.S government under Franklin D. Roosevelt made it
possible for thousands to work for money where there wasn’t a job before,
creating more jobs and a lively hood that took many years to complete at any
other time before this.  The fact that the government created jobs where there
wasn’t any shows just how much they wanted people to get back to work and the
economy to strengthen.  The reason why I believe that these projects were a
great investment by the U.S government is because one, it showed Americans that
the government was on their side, willing to work with them and pay them to help
lift the country as a whole out of the Depression, although it cost the
government at first, it ended up paying off because people put this money back
into the economy and it created a new form of speech for many, a new form of
expression and created a culture that was never there before.  The
infrastructure for arts and cultural support in the U.S is complex.  People who
enjoy the arts can choose from a wide array of drama, musical arts, dance, music
and literature all available in different settings such as theaters, museums,
concert halls, libraries, schools, places of worship, etc- either at home or on
the move. 


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