franchise a business

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You will select a company in your local market place that has a niche (select a hair salon or restaurant), and identify what makes it franchisable. Your paper will include an action plan in which you describe how to franchise the business.


Provide a short one-page overview of the paper.

Critical Points:

Include the following information about the business. Be explicit about why you think the business is franchisable.

 Name of the business

 Brief overview of the business concept

 Why is it franchisable?

o What is the niche being filled? (Use Porter’s Five Forces to explain the niche.)

o What else is similar in the marketplace (competition)?

o Who is the target market for the business?

Action plan:

Include a 12-month action plan to franchise this business.


 Summarize why you think this is a franchisable business.

 Why would you invest/not invest in it?

Link to website of the business

Reference list

In addition: Presentation

This short sales presentation for your franchise opportunity analysis business should be no longer than four slides in length. Incorporate into the presentation the five features that you identified

Requirements: The paper should be 10 pages in length, not including the title page and resources.

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