Financial Implications for EBP

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1. How can value-based purchasing, pay for performance, and bundle payment impact nursing care and the nursing profession? What do you think can be done within the nursing profession to influence this impact? Have nurses experienced any of this impact (good or bad) working in long term care facilities? **All of you should be able to argue why investing in nursing is a good business practice!! Begin to think about your project (reminiscence therapy in treating depression) and how it can result in cost savings or increased reimbursements.
2. After reading Nurse Led Reform: Is it Time to Rethink the Nursing Unit? do you think this type of nursing care is feasible and would assist in promoting EBP? Why or why not? Provide evidence to support your answer.
3. After reading The State of Play: Health Care Reform in 2017 please share your greatest area of learning and share any thoughts you have about potential changes to the current health system.

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