Facilitating Change After a Merger & Acquisition

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CASE STUDY: Facilitating Change After a Merger & Acquisition
After having earned your degree, you have been hired as the “Change Agent” to facilitate a merger and acquisition transition.
An international insurance company acquired another insurance company in one of its many business deals. In order to merge the newly acquired entity into its operations, the company decided to change the operating structure and merge the new products and services into its existing offerings.
This meant that people in the acquired company were at a high risk of job loss and the people adopting the new products into their departments had to restructure to accommodate and support the products.
While many people did quit, others were terminated. Many of those remaining are unwilling to share the knowledge they have with the people taking over the products and do not want to give up or lose their identity as the acquired company.
Your assignment: Prepare a change management plan using either the ADKAR, Kotter 8-Step Model, or other change model that you believe is appropriate for this transition. Your management plan should follow proper APA format and be 750 words or more.

Be specific, creative, and innovative in your solutioning. Remember no idea is too crazy and fringing is okay.

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