exploration essay about the story quot a wall of fire rising quot with given sources

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Here is the details about the paper:” For this paper, you will use the sources I provide to gain a deeper understanding of the short story, “A Wall of Fire Rising.” You will explain how the source information helps you put Guy, Lili, and Little Guy in a variety of contexts: Slavery, Haiti, Africa, poverty and others contexts that you discover as you read and write.The sources for this paper are limited to the story itself and the sources that I give you.

Please do not use any other sources. If you do, I’ll return your paper to you without a grade and you’ll meet with me privately. Your paper will be an exploration of ideas, theories, and interpretations. It will contain a thesis statement that lays out the paper’s purpose.Before you decide on a topic, read the sources very carefully and more than once. Take notes. Decide what interests you the most. Do not make up your mind about the content of your paper until you read the sources thoroughly. Keep an open mind. You can write in the first person (use “I”) or in the third person (no “I”). Although you can use “I,” please remember that this paper is not personal so the focus must remain on the story and the sources.

“Requirements Length: MLA format, 4 pages, double-spaced, not including works cited. The paper need quotation, citation, word cited….

I will attach the sources. Please use only given sources. Source4 and source5 are optional, you can include if you want. 125-Sources and The flying africans are REQUIRED.

Here is the story: https://ischoolworldlit.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/a_wall_of_fire_rising.pdf

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