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When writing your proctored remembered event, your task is to create an engaging and thoughtful essay in which you tell us something about who you are and how you’ve grown based on one or more experiences you’ve had as a high school student. To begin, you’ll have to think about two main things: what story(s) you want to tell and what those stories mean. Don’t take the brainstorming and prewriting activities for this assignment lightly; the more you think through which story will be most meaningful and communicative for you to write about, the less work you’ll have to do to pull meaning out of the story.  Your purpose is to create a vivid portrait of a particular high school experience so that readers will have a good idea of what happened and how it influenced your life either positively or negatively.

Keep in mind that this essay will be proctored. The final draft that you upload to Canvas should contain between 600-650 words. It should be formatted in MLA style. Remember that it should contain all appropriate headers, and your essay should not contain extra space between paragraphs of the same style. It should also have a creative title! However, this particular assignment does not require a works cited page. I will be using the District Wide Grading Rubric to assign your exam a grade. For this reason, you should proofread your essay very carefully before uploading it to Canvas. Because this is a narrative essay, be sure to show and not tell! This means that you should avoid all vague diction.

Narrative essays allow for more creativity. However, they should still be well-organized and have a clear purpose.   All of this is completely opinionated

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