Ethics Assignment

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Discussion: Ethical Codes Across Cultures

Ethical codes are not universal across professions or even governments. A wide variety of social and cultural factors might influence an individual’s code of ethics. Likewise, for an organization, social and cultural factors in combination with its mission could influence its code of ethics. Laws, codes, and regulations even differ between state and federal governments. Consider, for example, gift giving to public servants. In some nations or locales, gift giving to public servants is acceptable and even encouraged, whereas in others, depending on perspectives, it is considered a breach of cultural and/or legal ethical codes. How might you, as a public administrator, anticipate and manage the potential ethical dilemmas that may occur as a result of these differences in codes of ethics?

In this Discussion, you compare and contrast the ethical codes of two distinct cultures in your local community, state, or nation. You also may choose an international comparison. Explore the influence of culture on these ethical codes and analyze strategies for handling conflicts in ethical codes across these cultures.

By Day 3

Post a brief comparison of the legal codes of two distinct cultures in your local community, state, or nation related to gift giving. (You also may choose an international comparison if both cultures are familiar to you.) Then, explain the influence of culture on the ethics of gift-giving practices. Finally, explain how you might resolve any potential conflicts among personal, professional, or legal ethical codes regarding the acceptance of gifts.

Support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

Required Readings

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Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Transparency International. (n.d.). Research. Retrieved November 19, 2013, from
This nongovernmental organization, which is devoted to combatting corruption internationally, publishes the Global Corruption Report, Corruption Perceptions Index, and Bribe Payers Index. The website includes links to research articles and databases

Optional Resources

American Society for Public Administration. (2013). Practices to promote the ASPA code of ethics. Retrieved from…

Global Integrity. (n.d.). Global integrity report: 2009—Key findings. Retrieved from…

USDA Office of Ethics. (2000). A brief wrap on government ethics. Retrieved from

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