Essay 5: Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effect Essay

Essay 3 project, Comp 1

Due: February 25, 2018 by midnight

800-1000 words, typed, double spaced, 12 point standard font

How does a cause and effect essay work?

Cause and effect essays identify a specific action, product, or effect, and then explain or expose the two ends of causes: what happened before, and what is most likely to happen afterward.This gives writers a pretty standard structure within which to explain and explore, and it gives readers a reasonable set of structure and content expectations.

When something happens, we tend to ask why.This is a natural way to think.However, we are so accustomed to looking backward to seeing what happened so we can apply that knowledge to future actions that we forget the wisdom of looking further down the chain to see the effects of decisions and actions already made.

Good cause and effect papers start with specifics.Choose topics you might feel less invested in so you can hold less back from the process.You might want to start with a decision that has impacted your life, the life of someone you know, or even your community.Generate as many details about the actual decision as you can.It might help to use a template like this to get started:

What decision regarding ___________ did I or someone else make that has affected me or people I know?What action concerning this topic have I or someone else taken, and how has that affected me?

Your final draft should be double spaced, in 12 point font, with your name and date at the top of page one.

Happy writing!

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