editing a risk communication project and adding 3-5 pages

I just received the grade for this assignment, it is very low grade, there are many mistakes that should be corrected (I have the document with the comments of the mistakes and the things that should be clearer). And there should be more information to emphasize the concepts of this paper such as going deeper in the reasons to increase the awareness of this campaign, the potential complications that may diabetes cause (which is one of the main reasons to do this campaign) so people should be more aware of them, the effectiveness of this campaign, children, young people, and woman should be included in the targeted population not only adult men, how did Saudi create this campaign, and did Saudi have a relationship with other countries to compare this campaign with them?

Please add 3-5 paged including all of these required concepts above carefully and comprehensively.

Important notes:

1- Use scholarly resources the required information. please add all of the required information and concepts I mentioned above comprehensively.

2- Do not forget to use proper APA format and do not forget to cite every phrase that requires citation.

3- Please focus on the grammar mistakes and uncompleted sentences.

4- you may need these links below:






Please put more effort on this, it is very important, I will not accept any single mistake anymore.

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