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About the title, you might want to consider something a bit more specific – this is something I’ve included in my comments below. There is clear evidence of good progress in your work, I’m so proud of you! I’ve read your proposal and here are my comments:

I’m happy to see a lot more referencing throughout, this makes a huge difference. I’d consider perhaps making some small changes in terms of structure: your introduction is fantastic for the start of a lit. review, introductions should set out what you want to do/look at without being too heavy with actual ‘meaty’ content (or refs). This isn’t anything major (it’s better to over-reference than under-reference). You also have to beware of words like ‘impact’ – what do you mean specifically? What kind of impact? Changes in behaviour? Perception? Use? Morals? Economics? Impact is a very broad word that can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on who is reading your work.

I like that you’re providing a reasoning for ‘why Kuweit’ (different political and cultural systems from the West, which is what gets researched most of the time), but a few more specifics would also be good (what cultural and legal differences more specifically?), though you’ve provided evidence here which is great – also this bit definitely belongs in the lit. review.

Your research questions will have to be a bit more specific, though at this stage I think these will do the trick (however, start thinking in more specific terms). Very interesting and original arguments presented about the cultural resistance played out in technology, would also love to read more about this (and link to evidence).

Look out for generalisations without evidence (‘social media apps have gained popularity in the last 2 years’; increase of smartphones sold in Kuwait has a reference but this is in the next sentence – where are you getting these numbers from?). You provide some great links between existing research, you can make the link between some of these bits (e.g. female use of social media as a way of contacting the opposite sex) and what you stated previously about cultural norms and expectations.

Great justification of methods! You might want to make your questions more specific – asking how social media affects your life is quite vague. You can provide a reference about sample size and limitations. You’ll also need a clear cut section for your literature review – but as I said earlier, this is mostly just moving around what you’ve already written anyway.

Hope this has helped!

Best wishes,

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