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Module 2:Motivation and Decision-Making


For this module, we will be watching the film Armageddon. You will watch the movie through this link https://gostream.site/armageddon/. When you’ve completed the film, answer the following questions,

1- Talk about the personality differences you saw in the Armageddon:

2- What kind of leadership characteristics do you see in Harry and AJ?Even some of the others?

3- What makes the team members decide to take on this mission?Talk a bit about the decision-making process.

4- Provide a minimum of one example from the episode for each of the motivation theories below;be specific with your examples AND address the entire theory:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Two Factor Theory

Acquired Needs

Equity Theory

Expectancy Theory

Reinforcement Theory

I do expect you to support your answers with examples from the film.

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