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After studying Chapter 1 of the Textbook (use also Week 1 Module) you will be ready to participate in the following discussion.

Biology is a multidisciplinary subject. It relates directly to the study of life. Modern biology extends beyond its traditional boundaries overlapping not only with other branches of science but also mathematics, technology, engineering, and society. Biologists are using multidisciplinary approaches in confronting complex problems facing our world today. From genetics and cell that are revolutionizing medicine and agriculture to neuro-science and evolutionary biology that are shaping and responding to psychology and sociology, biology stands as one of the most sought out interdisciplinary human endeavors. This rapid change in biological sciences has a great impact on what undergraduate students of biology should learn and how to learn it.

In order to facilitate learning of biological concepts and their applications, we should first learn about the scientific method and its application. Click on this link to assess your understanding of the Scientific Method.

The Nature of Science

Then, prepare your answer to the following questions and post on the Discussion Board.

1. What is the Scientific Method and why we should learn and use it?

2. What are the components (steps) of the Scientific Method?

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