discuss the chinese prose

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The writing will comprise one essay question. The question will ask you to compare and contrast the characteristics,purposes, and effects of narrative techniques in any two of the following texts. It may focus on a particular problemor issue relating to this. Your answer should refer closely to at least three sections of each chosen text; in addition,it would be good to refer more briefly to other sections.

Prepare by closely re-reading all sections of at least two texts. Categorize them according to narrative techniques,and make notes on how you might analyze them with respect to these. You can focus on a limited number of sections (preferably demonstrating points of mutual comparison or contrast), but prepare more than three for each text, since some may be more relevant than others to the actual question asked.

1.Shi ji, “The Biographies of the Assassin-Retainers”

2. Lienü zhuan

Ch. 4. “The chaste and compliant”:

2. Bo Ji, Consort of Duke Gong of Song

7. The wife of the Lord of Xi

8. The wife of Qi Liang of Qi

10. Chaste Jiang of King Zhao of Chu

14. The Exalted-Conduct widow of Liang

(following the aquiremnets, choose the sections from the text i uploaded, then do a comparison and discussion. The paper should be at least 3 pages long.)

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