Discuss how CRM uses integrated social media networks to stay competitive

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1)A variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have integrated social media networks in an effort to competitive. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are used as marketing and communications platforms that transcend the Internet. Do some research and find an example (current) of this digital strategy in action, and discuss.

2)Many CRM systems are integrating social network- ing technologies to improve customer relationships. Search several social networking sites such as Face- book, Twitter, and YouTube to identify how a specific company such as Dell, Coca-Cola, or McDonald’s is using social media to interact with customers. Prepare a 5-minute presentation of your findings.

3)Do some good quality research on ―The Internet of Things (IoT), then provide some discussion on the current state-of-affairs of this technology. Can you predict what device(s) or technologies will dominate in the next techno-wave?

Ensure to use intext citation and you must have 4 peer reviewed references, references must match intext citation.

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