Digital Arts Project

The final project may take any form you wish and are most comfortable with.

For some students, creating actual digital art is the form they will want to use. Others may choose a visual plan for a digital art piece. Some may take a more traditional route like a paper. Here are some ideas for final projects:

  • Create and submit a gallery of digital art pieces (glitch or otherwise)
  • Create and submit an animated GIF, including your written concept and one example of ‘work in progress’
  • Visual Research paper on Internet Memes with a visual collection and analysis of the meme ecosystem
  • Create a storyboard for a digital art piece involving historical photos and a modern cityscape
  • Provide a written analysis of Hitchbot (or other example) as an internet interactive digital art and engagement piece
  • Provide a paper on online identity and the influence of digital art in the creation of avatars, animes, representations, virtual stars (ala Hatsune Miku) and characters to represent the “self” in virtual space. Explore ideas of ‘agency’ and “community” and how that operates in a digital world.
  • Provide an analysis of crowd sourcing and how that is shaping design business like that of Local Motors
  • Critical analysis of art in selected computer game
  • Research the concept of the “Panopticon” and surveillance in society as a digital art expression
  • Digital art video such as a music video, motion glitch art, or other distortion
  • Provide a paper on “haptics” and “taptics” and its potential for the future of interface design

Some basic guidelines:

Digital Art Gallery and Pieces

  • A collection10-12 still pieces, or
  • A animated GIF with written concept plan and one instance of ‘work in progress”
  • Digital video with storyboard and written concept plan
  • Soundscape with written concept plan


  • Generally 5-7 pages, MLA format
  • Include as many visuals as possible

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