Development Plan

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For this assignment, you will complete an 750-word individual development plan (IDP) for either your current job or the job to which you aspire.

  • Think about your current job, or the job to which you aspire.
  • Consider the questions below as you prepare to complete an individual development plan (IDP) for yourself.
    • Questions about your current or desired job:
      • What aspects of your job are you best/worst at?
      • Which job activities would you like to engage in more/less frequently?
      • What types of knowledge, skills, and abilities are required by this job? What is your current degree of proficiency in these areas (e.g., high, adequate, poor)?
    • Questions about your job satisfaction:
      • What can you personally do to increase your level of satisfaction with your job?
      • What performance improvements would increase your level of job satisfaction?
    • Questions about your professional growth:
      • Where do you see yourself professionally within the next 2 years?
      • Where do you see yourself professionally beyond the next 2 years?
      • What must you do in order to realize this vision?
      • What new responsibilities or challenges would you have to undertake in order to achieve this vision?
    • Questions about your skills and capabilities:
      • In what new jobs or roles would you like to increase your proficiency?
      • What new knowledge, skills, and/or abilities would you like to acquire?
      • What types of training, qualifications, or certifications would you like to obtain?
    • Questions about your potential:
      • What could you do to make a greater contribution to your organization?
      • What responsibilities or challenges could you undertake that would support your growth and development?
      • What skills could you learn to ensure you are better equipped to do what you would like to do?
      • How can you make better use of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you currently have?
      • What would need to happen for you to reach your potential?
  • Include a minimum of one source, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.

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