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100 points

Your project for this unit will be a bit unusual, but it will require you to be very reflective.

You have read some stories about how people deal with unhappy lives, and you probably found yourself thinking about things in your life that create happiness or unhappiness. Then, you experienced some speeches that offered some guidance for how to live a quality life. Here, you most likely found some encouraging words that offered you a renewed perspective on life. Most recently, you have learned about eulogies and studied Margaret Thatcher’s eulogy for Ronald Reagan as a model.

Imagine that you could press a fast forward button and race into the future several years from now (maybe 50 or 60 years). You have died. While this is depressing to think about, look for what Dr. Pausch would call a “head fake.”

Write a eulogy for yourself that is between five and ten minutes long to present. Using the process outlined in the section of this unit called “Remembering and Honoring the Dead: A Eulogy,” develop a eulogy that someone could read at your funeral.

Feel free to use biographical facts that have already occurred as well as biographical facts that you project will occur in the future. These projected facts may include your career, your family, and what you hope to accomplish during your lifetime.

Do not forget to choose an organizational style for your eulogy, such as chronological, tribute, main point, or thematic.

Have fun with this assignment, and remember to think about the themes you’ve explored in this unit.

To obtain credit, submit a final draft of the words from your eulogy along with a recording of you presenting the eulogy.

A rubric will be used to evaluate your eulogy. You should carefully review the rubric before you submit your eulogy for a final grade.

Submit your completed assignment to the Developing a Eulogy Assignment link for grading.

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