Detailed Design Practices

For the overall final project, you had to select 1 project from 3 different organizational software design projects, which included the following:

  • Client/server design
  • Project Web-based design
  • Sales user interface design project.

With an understanding of the existing requirements review process, expected software design models, the software solution design, expected software specifications, and the requirements for the new software design project selected, you must now address the validation and verification of the design being proposed.

Provide a description of the organization, schedule, resources, responsibilities, tools, techniques, and methodologies to be deployed to perform the verification and validation activities of your design. This should be the last section of your overall project.

Provide the following consolidated Design Implementation Proposal to include the appended V&V plan due this week:

  • Provide the details of the Implementation Proposal Executive Summary to include the following:
    • Introduction to the implementation proposal
    • System objectives and constraints
    • System functional requirements to capture the intended behavior of the system expressed as services, tasks, or functions
    • Three use cases based on the unified modeling language (UML) 2.0 required to identify the set of interactions happening between the intended actors and the software
    • System design summary description to reveal the intended software design
    • Sequence diagrams to transition from the use cases and requirements to system object interactions captured in sequences needed for refinement
    • Update a requirements traceability matrix that depicts how requirements are satisfied during the design phase of the software development life cycle
    • V&V Plan
    • Design summary

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