Design Thinking vs. Total Quality Management – Discussion

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In this discussion, you will reflect on your knowledge of Total Quality Management (TQM) and its impact on improvement, specifically its impact on manufacturing. As our society continues to evolve socially, technologically, and cognitively (for example, with the increase in artificial intelligence [AI]), we have to adapt our approach. This article presents a new way of thinking about continuous improvement from a multiple stakeholder perspective.

For your initial post, first read Why Design Thinking Works and then address the following:

  • Explain why continuous improvement is important in a company, and why you think it has evolved from TQM to the Design Thinking model.
  • Evaluate whether you think design thinking works. The article presents an example of this in the healthcare improvements in the children’s health system of Texas. Explain your thoughts on this approach and how it relates to your perspective on the topic in general.
  • Share any personal human tendencies that have gotten in the way of your own innovation or approach to innovation at work or another activity. How could you apply a design thinking approach to overcome your own biases and achieve improvement?

Respond to at least two of your peers. Share whether you agree with their statements about design thinking and explain why. What additional suggestions can you give them for applying design thinking to the personal experiences they described?

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Discussion Rubric document.

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