Design interview questions of an interview story idea.

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The story idea is here:

According to the information obtained recently in the New York Timesnewspaper recorded an interview, international students especially Asians who go to the United States face several cultural challenges due to cultural differences. They are immersed in a culture that is different from home where they are used to be. They tend to develop cultural shock that leads to irritability and homesickness for visiting a new country with different customs and language. American traditions in classrooms, at restaurants among other areas accessed in everyday life, appear strange to people who are used to other cultures. For example, in our Asian culture, if you meet someone new, you are supposed to bow are you greet him, but this appears to be very irregular in the United States. People in our culture also commonly bump and touch one another in busy areas, but in the United States, there is a value of ‘personal space’ of which strangers can not touch people

Things you need to do in your work are:

1. Your questions need to address as many of the WH(When? Where? Why? Who? How?) questions as possible

-Tell us what answers you are likely to get in response to each question

2. Use at least one closed (Yes/No) question appropriately

  1. Stick to the Short, Single Idea question style
  2. Put the other side of an issue (devil’s advocate) at least in one question
  3. Include at least one sensitive question

• Describe your strategy if your guest tries to avoid answering your question

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