Describe the article or program, writing homework help

Find an interview-based news story in a newspaper or magazine, or on the web — or watch an interview on TV. The story could be based on more than one interview (most news stories are).

When class meets on Monday of Week 2, come prepared to give an oral report of three to five minutes. Specifically:

  • Describe the article or program.
  • Tell where you found it.
  • Who was the writer or narrator?
  • Who was interviewed?
  • Briefly describe the story.
  • List two or three questions that the interviewer might have asked to elicit the responses received.
  • Write a question that you might have asked if you could have interviewed the same person.
  • Relate the published story or program to one or more concepts addressed in assigned readings from “Creative Interviewing.” For example, you could comment on whether the interviewer followed the textbook author’s recommendations or did something that the author said not to do.
  • If you prefer not to give an oral report, you may instead submit a written report of 300 to 400 words.

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