Data and information

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Answer the following questions. Please be specific and upload a word document. All questions are mandatory.

Q 1 – What are data ? How is it different from information? What is knowledge? (5 points)

Q 2 – Provide an example of data, information and knowledge in health care. Start by discussing the data first and how that might/can be turned into information (continue the example) and how that might generate knowledge. (10 points)

Q 3 – List the five most important challenges faced by HIT today, and why ( 5 points) ( hint – chapter 1)

Your responses to homework questions should be a minimum of a 100 word paragraph per question unless the answer does not demand such; depth of rationale is key.Please include compelling arguments that substantiate decisions or choices you make. Spelling and grammar will be counted into your grade including use of APA 6.0 format.

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