Dangal Movie analysis

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watch the movie then write the following:


  1. The Title of the Film and why you chose it. 
  2. Director, Leading actors/actresses and brief Summary of the plot, if it is a documentary state the person or subject.
  3. Who was your favorite actor/actress or your least favorite?  Give specific example from the film to support your point of view. If this is a documentary list the subject or subjects of the documentary and how you percieve them just your initial impressions. 
    1. Favorite/Least favorite Actor:
    2. Specific detail from the film that supports your point of view
  4. Talk about what you liked about the movie and what you did not like.  Be sure to include specific details and scenes.   You a specific example from the film including dialogue if appropriate to support what you liked and did not like.  This can include the lighting, the camera angles, the soundtrack.  All the things that go into making a film have an impact.
    1. What I liked about the film
    2. Example that supports this
    3. What I didn’t like
    4. Example that supports this
  5. What was the most impactful point of the film for you? Why?

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