Cyber security questions

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This is a question and
answer assignment.  Please state the
question and its number, and then provide the answer.  Answers must be clear, concise, and
detailed facts
.  Cite all references
in APA.  Absolutely no plagiarism.

  1. Do an internet
    search and find some forms of hardware malware. Discuss how the piece of
    malware is successful, and how it was detected. 
    Discuss if you feel that hardware malware is truly a threat, or whether
    or not it is not a threat.

  2. Do an internet
    search and find some of the most popular malicious websites that are out there.
    More often than not you will have to find a news article that discusses a
    breach of some sort to identify the network. 
    List the website that you have found from past assessments by security
    companies and detail the strategy to get people to visit the site, and what
    happened once they did visit the website.

  3. What are the
    dangers of connecting to a network that you do not know? Do these public Wi-Fi
    spots contain the same dangers as a personal Wi-Fi connection?  Do an internet search and find some tools
    that you can use to create your own Wi-Fi connection that people can connect

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