cultural comparison study on social media and relationships

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Proposal – Cultural Comparison Study-2

Describe, using as much detail as possible, how you plan to conduct your research project.

Remember, the purpose of this assignment is for you to examine a possible correlation between at least two variables – your main topic, and cultural variables such as age or gender identity. You are not here to passionately argue for or against an idea, but rather to make an unbiased, scientific observation.

Your proposal should include:

1- Topic and variables: You must clearly identify your main topic and cultural variables, and define each of those terms.

2 – State a hypothesis. This is a predictive statement of the expected results of your survey or observation.

3 – Describe the method of study: Explain how you will gather data, and include a full copy of your survey questions and answers. Include an active link to your survey.

-How/When/Where will you conduct observations?

-How will you contact participants for your study?

-What kinds of questions will you ask? Give examples.

-How will you sort participants into groups?

-How will you compare results?

4 – References:

You should have already started reading and researching your topic. Include full citations for any articles you plan to include in your paper. You may include popular news sources, but you must also include at least three academic studies in your Rough Draft Literature Review. (You do not have to include the Literature Review in this assignment, just the citations). Include references to any sources you plan to use. You need at least one reference included in this proposal.

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