criminological theory 4

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Which Criminological Theory Informed The First Step Act And Will It Effectively Reform The Criminal Justice System? (Arguments For And Against)

Ex. of Criminological Theory

  • Classical school.
  • Positivist school.
  • Chicago school.
  • Social structure theories.
  • Symbolic interactionism.
  • Individual theories.
  • Biosocial theories.
  • Marxist criminology.

consists of a full five (5) pages proposal of A Research Question that will be fully developed for the Final Examination. Use Text Citation and PNT GUIDE. Bibliography inserted at the end of the paper. Books and Scholarly Publications must be used also I need the review of the PPTand interact . Use the library resources. Presentation & Active Discussion.

  • Table of Contents Is As Follows:
  • Issue/Question
  • Background Info (It must be Text Citation/Author: Year).
  • Arguments For (It must be Text Citation/Author: Year).
  • Arguments Against (It must be Text Citation /Author: Year)
  • Contradictions
  • Personal Opinion
  • Policy Recommendation (s) (Policy is a set of ideas that address a particular issue)
  • *Minimum of 10 references; No Wikipedia

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