creative writing homework imitation of hemingaways quot hills like white elephants quot

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Write a short story (One page) similar in certain ways to “Hills Like White Elephants”

-It should contain only two main characters in a conflict of some sort

-The conflict should never be stated outright, even though both are aware of what the underlying conflict is.

– Allow other, smaller, even trivial conflicts to arise as substitutes and symbols of the fundamental or more important conflict.

– Avoid using much description, but make the description you do use count. Pay special attention to the few well-placed richer words you use. Remember how the richer words in his first paragraph could be associated with the sexual. Try to use the connotation of words to try to create a similar (Not necessary sexual) underlying association in your story.

– Reflect on what worldview this minimalist style implies, and how that worldview and that style suits you. Is it an undue struggle for you to write this way, or does it come easily? What does that imply about your philosophies and attitudes

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