create a 7 to12 slide powerpoint presentation based on your assigned learning disability

. Create a 7-12-slide PowerPoint presentation based on your assigned learning disability. Include the following in your presentation:

You May choose your own learning disability discussed in the current version of the DSM

  • Title of the assigned disability and brief description
  • How the disability may impact a person’s education and social development
  • The types of interventions and supports are available to help children and teenagers with the selected learning disabilities
  • At least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles that address the required components beyond the textbook and course readings
  • Detailed speaker notes that indicate what would be said if giving the presentation live

There is general agreement that Learning Disabilities (LD) are neurobiologically based, involve cognitive processes, and affect learning. LD persist in various forms across the life span, with precursors—most often, language delays or language deficits in early childhood—appearing before formal schooling begins and continuing into adulthood (National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, 2008). Furthermore, LDs occur regardless of such factors as an individual’s culture, race, language, gender, or socioeconomic status.

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