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A) Prepare a partial communications plan to address some of the challenges mentioned in the attached case and from the stakeholder management strategy document. Read case study prior to attempting this assignment (folder attached). communication plan folder attached as well.

B) Create Status Report. There is no template. Use WORD or Excel to create. Create a sample of a weekly status report that could be used for this project. Read the “Case Study” folder prior to attempting this assignment

C) The people working for the outside consulting firm and user representatives have asked you create a resource histogram to show how many people you think the project will need for the testing and when. Assume that the consulting firm has junior and senior testers and that the user group has workers and managers. You estimate that you’ll need both groups involvement in testing over a period of six weeks. Assume you’ll need one senior tester for all six weeks, two junior testers for the last four weeks, two user-group workers for the first week, four user-group workers for the last three weeks, and two user-group managers for the last two weeks. Create a resource histogram. Read the “Case Study” folder prior to attempting this assignment.

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