correlation and causality discussion 1

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For this discussion, you will create an initial post that answers all of the following questions:

  1. Use the internet to find a social science journal publication that is in your area of interest and that uses correlation to investigate the relationship between any two variables. This may take some time, and you can use SNHU’s Library Resources Guide for Undergraduate and Graduate Psychology Students or Google Scholar for help. Include the link to the journal article here.
  2. Write a paragraph-long review of the paper and be sure to include the correlation study. What variables are being compared and why?
  3. Explain the conclusion reached in the paper. What is the r-value? How would you describe the relationship between the variables? What conclusions did the authors draw?
  4. What are the important differences between correlation and causality? Give an example of any two variables that are correlated but not causally related. Feel free to choose examples from your work or life experience.


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