Contract Procurement Management Plan Document Shell homework help

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  1. Contract & Procurement Management Plan Document Shell
    • Use Microsoft Word
    • Title Page
      1. Course number and name
      2. Project name
      3. Your name
      4. Date
    • Table of Contents
      1. Use auto-generated TOC
      2. Separate page
      3. Maximum of 3 levels deep
      4. Update the fields of the TOC so it is up-to-date before submitting your project
    • Section Headings (Create each heading on a new page with TBD as content except for sections listed under New Content below.)
      1. Project outline
      2. Make or buy analysis
      3. Contract type selection
      4. Request for proposal (RFP)
      5. Statement of work (SOW)
      6. Source selection criteria
      7. Procurement contract award
      8. Procurement risks
      9. Procurement management process
      10. Contract administration process
      11. Change control process
      12. Quality control plan
      13. Performance reporting plan
      14. Project procurement legal rights & responsibilities
      15. Project procurement closeout
  2. New Content to be Inserted in Above Shell
    • Project Outline
      1. Brief description of the project
      2. Material taken from approved proposal submitted to instructor will serve as the draft for the proposal
      3. Project must be approved by the instructor
    • Make or Buy Analysis
      1. Discuss why the procurement portion of the selected project is going to be sourced out (or buy).
      2. Discuss pros and cons of making (or keeping within the project team to do) versus sourcing out.
      3. Include a financial and schedule deadline justification.
    • Contract Type Selection
      1. Discuss the pros and cons of at least 3 contract types for this project.
      2. Identify the final contract type selected with a justification.

For this assignment, you will select the best RFP, SOW template, and procurement contract award template that you researched in the Discussion Board. You should have at least 6 sections in each of the templates. Your next task is to fill in all of your relevant project information in each of the templates.

For the compilation of your source selection criteria, you may use similar to the following table or matrix:


The overall project deliverables are as follows:

  • Update the Key Assignment document title page with the new date and project name.
  • Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
  • Complete new content below, and copy it under the sections in Key Assignment document called Request for Proposal, Statement of Work, and Source Selection Criteria.

New content to be inserted is as follows:

  1. Request For Proposal (RFP)
    1. Fill in all of the sections in the selected RFP with sufficient detail.
    2. Prepare a brief letter to be sent with the RFP explaining why you are sending it to the specific vendors.
    3. Build a list of at least 3 real or fictitious vendors.
  2. Statement of Work (SOW)
    1. Fill in all of the sections in the selected SOW with sufficient detail.
  3. Source Selection Criteria
    1. Construct a selection criteria matrix similar to the example with at least 6 or more criteria in the first column to effectively rate your 3 vendors or suppliers.
    2. Fill in the names of each of the vendors across the top.
    3. Determine how you will rank them (e.g., 3 = high probability, 2 = good probability, and 1 = low probability) to allow you to tally these up for an overall ranking.

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