Contemporary Health Issues Uninsured in the USA 2 5 3 pages

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2.5 – 3 pages


This paper will focus on your ability to analyze information from several sources and compile a clear explanation of the topic. Analysis includes identifying relevant facts, making inferences (answering why, what conclusions you can make, what the information tells us about an issue) and especially finding evidence to support your point of view.

Besides reading the textbook, we will be watching Frontline PBS “Sick Around America” and access the data from Kaiser Family Foundation ( “Key Facts on Uninsured”.

Remember to properly cite the source of your information.

Use citations in the text of the paper and Works Cited at the end of the paper, APA style.

use the attached file and these link to help you:…

The Uninsured And The Difference Health Insurance Makes

Trends in Access to Care Among Working-Age Adults, 1997-2006




Introduction/ opening statement:

  • Explain the factors contributing to the rising number of uninsured in the USA.


Discussion/ description of issue

  • How many are uninsured?
  • Who is most likely to be uninsured and why?
  • Why do the numbers of uninsured rise and fall?
  • How does being uninsured impact health? How does being uninsured impact healthcare?


Concluding statement

  • Make inferences-how is this relevant to health and healthcare
  • Summarize your professional response and thoughts


Grammar/ Syntax/ Spelling

  • Well written and well organized
  • Properly cite in text and reference




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