Contemporary Global Environment

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Topic Objective: Examine technological solutions to enhance HR communication among global team members and key stakeholders

Introduction: In order to effectively manage a global organization, HR management needs systems solutions to oversee its activities. How can HR managers improve performance to meet challenges in the global environment by implementing successful HRIS systems?

In this Post Project, should you choose to complete it, you will research and develop a slide presentation to propose a new HR Management Program in a specific country of your choice. Your focus should identify how technology helps HR can help managers to meet day-to-day challenges in international operations.


Write a 3-page multi-paragraph response with a 10 slide presentation
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Conduct research a company’s best practices for developing an HR Management Program and explore one specific country to define your HR Management Program. Use online academic libraries and other professional resources to conduct research. Consider the challenges and unique circumstances your country many require, and the technical applications needed in order to overcome specific challenges you have identified. Consider the HR activities and organizational performance in a global perspective that your HRIS system may require to address the many operational activities.

Step 2: Summarize your findings.

Summarize the findings of your research in 3-page paper, multi-paragraph and a 10-slide presentation to be turned in for grading. You may use any presentation tool of your choice.

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