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As a student I have to contact clinical psychologist, and then I ask him about the dilemma and he most give me information about it like explain it to me and tell how it’s working on his work,, and also how did he solve that problem.. then as student i have to collect everything this interview as story ,, like i go to clinical psychologist … and he answered me … like this

So dear you make the interview as a student and clinical psychologist, like you write about you ( student ) that you meet a clinical psychologist and also representation the clinical psychologist part ,, so you make it as you a student and clinical psychologist
And doesn’t matter that your record the interview forgot about it, just make it as story

Collecting and analyzing an ethical dilemma based on an interview of a psychologist, masking the features of the original case (confidentiality). The interview should be transcribed and analyzed by you. << this’s what the teacher said and ask ..
Interview – Ethical dilemmas

Steps (important!!!):

1. Contact a psychologist, and inform him/her about your task.

2. Inform him/her that the collected material COULD be used in a class discussion and, upon his/her agreement, included in a teaching book compiled at a later date..

3. Your questions:
• Please tell me a situation during your professional practice in which you faced an ethical dilemma
• What did you do? How did you make the decision?
• Have you had any help or support regarding your decision? (e.g. consultation with a colleague, reading the ethical code, etc.)

4. Transcribe / translate verbatim the report. At the beginning of the file, put the „number of working years” and „area of practice” of the psychologist (e.g. 1-5, private practice).

5. Send the transcript to the psychologist to get his/her agreement to hand it in. If s/he asks for a modification, make it.

6. Ask him/her to sign the Consent. Ascanned version should be inserted into the transcript.

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