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Whenever you make a purchase, you go through a
series of decision making steps. Sometimes this process is so automatic that
you may not realize your mind is going through the steps. Your text outlines
the 5 steps to the Consumer Buying Process, and, for this assignment,
you will be relating those steps to one of your own purchase experiences.

  • Choose a product that
    you have purchased.

  • Take us through the 5
    steps of the Consumer Buying Process as you went through them making
    your purchase decision. Describe in detail what happened at each stage.

  • How did your progress
    through these steps influence your decision to purchase the product? Describe
    your reasons for deciding to make the purchase. What was your thought process?

  • Which stage of the
    adoption curve would best describe you at the time of this purchase? Explain.

  • Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length, and it should include a cover
     in correct APA format.

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